rough idle and slight ticking sound on 2001 Acura MDX

my check engine light came on 2days ago noticed an occasional hesitation felt like it was loosing power when driving more noticeable at low speeds 10-40MPH and rough idle (slight shake) when stopped also a ticking sound under hood. diagnostic test showed P0300 and P1399 What could be causing this? changed spark plugs and coil packs no difference. also with check engine light VTM-4 light comes on. what does this mean?

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P0300 is a random multiple cylinder misfire code, that could the cause of the jerking you are feeling may on your engine be an ignition coil failure, a bad spark plug or exhaust gas recirculating problem where it dumps too much EGR into one cylinder. This needs to be addressed or it could result in degradation of the catalytic converter.
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Had this same problem 1 year ago with my 2001 mdx. I lost a cylinder. Total repair cost came to around 2500. Those codes were confusing,