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2004 Chrysler Sebring Question: rough idle after t-belt change

my 04 sebring rough idle after t-belt change (complete kit) installed and tune ie plugs, wires, no. 4 fuel injector, ignition coil, spark plug boot and vavle cover casket replaced. FS installed t-belt wrong was out of time by one tooth. -
Answer 1
did it break?? was it just maintenance?? the reason I ask is that it is an interference motor and if the belt failed, it may have bent a valve and that would be the reason for your missfire. have a compression test done to verify. Roy -
Comment 1
yes the belt failed it was in pieces..taking it to dealer to have them put on there computer in morning...to to see what codes come up. thank you so much..what should a compression test cost.. -
Comment 2
it pays about .8 hours in a shop. good luck Roy -
Comment 3
Hey Roy thanks for your help. Took car to Carl Buger this morning they hooked it up to computer there. Found no error codes, nor did the egine misfire during there testing,. The tech said that maybe the cars computer needed to reset after the work that was done on it yesterday. Bottom line CB said the car is running find no faults anywhere. I'm a happy camper and will maintain my car much more better in the future . -
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