rough idle on 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

Example: Sitting at stop lite.Idle starts to run rough in drive position,but when gear is moved to either neutral or park, runs smooth.

by in Reston, VA on June 21, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 21, 2011
sounds like a plug or coil failure. you need a shop to verify and give you a bid. Roy
COMMENT by on June 21, 2011
What do you mean by a coil failure?
COMMENT by on June 21, 2011
ignition coil. there is one for each cylinder and it could be failing by not firing the spark plug. Roy
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123,000 miles. Engine idles rough at cold start unless I increase to 1500 rpm for 1-2 minutes, then fine. Replaced plugs, wires, filters, cleaned fuel system, yet problem persists. Any suggestions?
Im having trouble with low idling, would like to start with the simple things 1st. How do i identify the throttle body so I can clean it and where is the fuel filter so I can replace it?
A dirty throttle body may cause a lower than normal idle and possible stalling condition. Performing a throttle body service will commonly correct this concern.

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