rough idle on 1996 Ford Contour

When car is in neutral or park, idle is smooth. When put into gear or allowed to idle in gear when driving, cars vibrates.

by in Vernon Rockville, CT on April 09, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 09, 2009
It is it a vibration or a rough running engine? The way I understand it is that when the vehicle is in gear, you feel a vibration. Or, do you feel as if the motor is not running properly?Do you feel like the motor is touching something and you feel the motor vibration through the steering wheel and the seat of your pants? I am guessing that it is the vibration felt through the seat. You should have the motor mounts checked, if they are bad you will be able to feel the engine vibration when in gear. The load of the motor on the bad mount will transmit the engine vibration to the sub frame, which will transmit it to the body and up through the seat to you. To check this, you can raise and prop the hood up, start the engine foot firmly holding the brakes then put into drive and see how much the motor moves during the gear engagement. Then put into reverse and see how much movement is present then and compare how much vibration you feel. The motor should move more one direction than the other if the mounts are bad. If one is bad change all of them, they are the same age and do the same job, it make no sense to not do them at the same time. If the motor mounts are good, you should have it diagnosed at a shop to save you time and money. You could have and ignition or fuel related concern. Good luck.
COMMENT by on June 23, 2010
no. My 1999 Ford Contour LX 4 cyl rough idles at a stop sign etc and also when in park just idling. WE changed spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, replaced valve cover gasket. I filled it up with an higher octane gas put gas treatment. The check engine light came back on and it still rough idles
ANSWER by on July 17, 2010
torque converter lock switch in the transmission
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