1992 Cadillac DeVille Q&A

1992 Cadillac DeVille Question: rough idle

no codes idles rough for 10 min. then clears up -
Answer 1
no codes available for this in OBD1. from your description, it sounds like clogged injectors. Roy -
Answer 2
I agree it does sound like you may have clogged injector(s) try using a fuel system cleaner & some good octane gas and see how it acts. -
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The EGR valve may stick open, causing a rough idle and/or the Check Engine Light to illuminate.
and apply the brakes. I experience rough idle until i start driving again.
rough idle at start up. runs okay on road
In addition when first started there is no power brake assist. I have to rev the engine to get the vacum to build. The engine seems to run fine above 1500 rpm and drives fine on the highway. Sugge...