Rough Idle on 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier


After having the head gasket replaced due to an overheating problem (that no longer appears) the car is experiencing a rough idle. When idle, The RPM needle oscillates a little bit (around the "1" mark) and you can feel the car shaking during the same time. Any ideas?

Sounds like an air leak into the intake system. Look for loose hoses or clamps on the intake duct system.
I'd say, take it back to the guy who fixed it and give him a shot at it. Or find someone else if he doesn't satisfy you.
Here's a directory link for you:
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I had my head gasket cracked in my cavalier as well. Basically when this happened I had to have the entire engine replaced because the car was over 100,000 miles. You could do a sealant, but that wont be good forever. Anyways, once they repaired my issue with a new engine, still I started the car and the idle was high ever since. I have been to so many mechanics and they are all stating it is normal. Ive been driving it like that for months now and no issues. It's a very wierd car. Be prepared for the following to happen in the future: Fuel pump blows for no reason, electronic issue where all the lights on your dash light up randomly such as anywhere from the seatbelt light, to the oil, highbeams, and check engine light, all at once. The window motor blowing, front suspension noise heard on turns. Sell the car if you can. I have nightmares everynight about mine.