2007 Lexus IS350 Q&A

2007 Lexus IS350 Question: Rotors needing replacing at 40k miles?

My Rotors needed replacing at 40k miles and that seems a bit soon. I am a 50+ woman who doesn't drive like a race car driver and I don't need to stop on a dime. I have mostly freeway miles on my car. i had to pay over $800 to get my rotors relaced at 40K miles and I take my car in religiously to have the oild changed by the dealer and apparently they didn't notice how low my pads were getting until it was too late! Does this sound right? Seems these high performance rotors would last a littel longer than 2 years...Any info would be appreciated -
Answer 1
Who said the rotors needed replacing, the dealer or a "Tire Store". You should have got an estimate at RepairPal.com. For $800 what exactly did you get. -
Answer 2
There not high performance...high performance r slotted or drilled....but u did get robbed....buy the product online ...take the car to Midas...they do brakes -