rooling clunking noise under deceleration on 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

recently my wife and I bought an eclipse gsx "awd turbo for those who don't know :)" well anyways under deceleration in any gear I hear a loud clunk that seems to sound like a jack hamer is hitting my undercarriage lol sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the front sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the back, it even does this in a push start situation but doesn't engage motor turn just rolling clunk noise :(. I have a couple of theories but want a second opinion cause both these theories seem quite expensive. can anyone help or has anyone had this issue before?

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check the axles for lossness or bad joints.
also, the motor mount may be bad allowing the motor to move around too much..

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nothing will work to diagnose a noise like this except a
physical inspection. if something is indeed hitting the
chassis, better get this checked ASAP. a good local Japanese specialty shop is best.
check the carrier bearings on the driveshaft. guarantee thats the problem. DSM fan and mechanic for 10 years. I've seen this alot!
possibly your flywheel bolts are coming loose