2002 Ford Excursion Q&A

2002 Ford Excursion Question: rod bearings

i need to change my rod bearings and i was wondering if i could do it from the oil pan with the engine still in the vehicle. thanks -
Answer 1
Sometimes its possible to change the rod bearings without pulling the engine but the book shows a time of 18.9 hours which includes R & I the engine and if the crank journals are damaged you will need to have the crankshaft turned anyway. -
Answer 2
You can remove the transmission to remove the crankshaft which should be turned or replaced along with the connecting rod and bearings. -
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what kind of tools would i need? basically i need to kmow if I can do the job from the oil pan or if im going to need to pull the engine out???
...an off and take off the rod bolts and push the piston up through the cylinder and take off the rod bearings, please let me know if thats the way to do it or maybe you can give me an idea on how to do it...
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but the crank can be pulled out from the oil pan thought right???