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1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Question: rite frnt grinding

i have a 1993 chev silverado ext cab 6,5 turbo diesel,i have had a frt pass side grinding noise .just put new calipers brake lines,pads and rotors turned and noise still there.it gets louder around 30 to 50 mph.it does it when brakes are applied or not.any ideas -
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Is there play in the wheel bearings or more likely is anything contacting the brake disc as you turn the wheel, perhaps the brake disc water/dirt shield got accidentally bent and is contacting the the brake rotor. -
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ROUND 2...the shield is not toching .when its on the rack and theres no wieght on the wheel there is no noise(it was in 4 wheel drive ).so I guess its the hub/bearings?I also notice 3 large wheel wieghts on that rim.could a bent rim cause this noise,i am getting price quotes and it seems to run around 600.oo bucks up here in seattle.is that a fair price for part and labor..thank you,chris -
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Check the front driveshaft U-joints -