Nissan Altima Problem Report

Nissan Altima Right Side Engine Mount May Wear and Cause Excessive Movement

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The engine mount on the right side can wear prematurely and cause excessive engine movement.

Right side motor mount is cracked all the way through. This car has been nothing but problems and Nissan always acts like its normal wear and tear. TPMS sensors have to be replaced once a year. I have a 96 Honda Accord with 246,700 miles and have only replaced, plugs, oil, muffler, timing belt, tires and fluids. Nissans are junk and Nissan does not stand behind the junk they make. -
3 motor mounts are cracked the motor vibrates a lot when it changes speed I am going to report a complaint to the better business bareu to get a recall on this car if everyone do this we could get better results -
My engine would knock real bad whenever i shifted from R to D or P to D also if I was stopped with the car in D, it was so bad that i would shift slowly (like it helped) anyway, my friend is a mechanic and looked at it turns out all my mounts were cracked and needed to be replaced. I ordered all of them for about 85 a piece and had him change them for 120. Not bad but thats only because he was a real good friend....... Good luck to anyone with this type of problem, its never fun having to hear something major is wrong with your car, the expense is always bad!! -
Front Top-Right Engine Mount - [Near Drive BeLt] w/ Rubber HoLder Broken !!! -
I was surprised when I took my car in to be serviced and they told me that I needed 3 motor mounts replaced. I could only replace 2 and $800 later I still don't understand why this happened. Seems to me that when you have something that hold your motor, it shouldn't fall apart after only about 100,000 miles. -
The right side engine mount was cracked and Nissan claims that this is just normal wear and tear. -
Motor mounts shot -
vibration when stopped at lights, more vibration felt on right, have not gotten fixed yet. -
Motor mounts shot. engine shaking and jerking on acceleration and deceleration. Have not yet repaired. -
Engine moves and makes clunk-like sound when starting from full stop. Feels like transmission is engaging hard. Took to dealer while still under warranty. Nissan dealer replaced two motor mounts. Much better after dealer replaced two motor mounts but could still feel a slight tug when starting from a stop. Took it back to dealership and was told it is fine, could not duplicate problem. Problem has slowly been getting worse. Recently noted rubber is torn in upper passenger-side motor mount. -
Motor mount was replaced year ago and seems to be bad again -
broken motor mount, failed cam and crank sensor -
my 3 engine mounts is squeaky -
same here, I just changed today. The other three are okay so I didn't change those but I had bought all four mounds. Should have checked first. Who cares I paid $62 for 4mounts. -
Took car in for tranny flush and was told right front engine mount is cracked. Cant believe it, only 87000 miles and they put cheap rubber on a part that holds your engine from not coming thru the hood!!! -
took it transmission shop they rebuilt trans, not the motor mounts. doing same thing, now have to replace mounts..piece of @@@@. -
I was told the motor mount on the right side has failed and it needs to be replaced. -
Shakes violently when you stop. replaced front/passenger motor mount -
Cranking, waiting on a traffic light the motor jumps, In drive when the compressor engages... -
Mechanic replaced 1 broken motor mount -
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