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2003 Saturn L300 Question: right lower corner of L300 Saturn dash has a rectangler box with two small waves



maary, 3.0L V6, Brookfield, WI, February 08, 2012, 14:12

what is this symbol for?

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    Greg's Orange Auto (15188 Answers) , Orange, CA - (714) 361-9386
    globalhelper February 08, 2012, 15:49


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    GM-fan, April 14, 2012, 19:05

    All, the traction control lite is an amber triangle with an ! in the center. It lights only when traction control is taking over the engine speed and brakes in a situation where the computer senses a difference in wheel speed.... think if it as anti-lock brakes in reverse.

    If the symbol you are looking at is just to the upper left of the "8" on the tachometer, you'll be looking at a small rectangle with a small "T" on top & an arrow pointing down to two waves. It lites amber as well. It is indicateing a low level of coolant in the coolant reserve tank. It is necessary to add additional coolant to the coolant reserve tank (under the hood on the driver's side)in the very near future lest engine damage occurs. Add coolant at a 50%/50% ratio of antifreeze & water for most of the mid section of North America. You can buy pre-mixed coolant at the 50%/50% ratio, pay attention to the cooant labels and the types. Ask at the autoparts store if uncertain, depending on the year of the saturn different coolants are recommended. If the fill level light lites again shortly after filling, have the vehicle looked at for coolant leaks, (hoses etc) If it dones not lite again, all is good.

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