Right light is out don't see any melting on the connecting piece what is that? on 2008 BMW 535i

The light will come once if I move the wire but only for a little while. How do I fix this

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repl socket and ck all wiring
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it's a common problem with the bulb "circuit board". Our BMW specialty shop wires in an inexpensive bypass to fix the problem instead of replacing the whole board - very cost effective. Oh, the advantages of having someone work on your car that knows your car.... You should take this very sophisticated, technologically advanced piece of engineering beauty to a trained BMW Specialist (a specialist is someone who only works on one make of vehicle). There are many qualified independent, as well as dealer choices out there. Remember, there is no such thing as a Euro Specialist, or a Japanese Specialist, or a Domestic Specialist, or even a German Auto Specialist - the term would be an oxymoron. A German Auto Specialist would have to be proficient in seven different makes - this is not possible anymore "Jack of all trades, master of none". You can look up an excellent BMW shop by going to the BIMRS web directory (non-profit) at
Check whether the wire is poor connect or not.
more info,also you can buy a auto diagnostic tool,