ride control and traction light staying on in dash on 1996 Lincoln Continental

ride control and traction light staying on in dash

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Really need to have the Traction Control Computer and the ride Control Computer Diagnosed. If the lights are staying on, then that means that there is a fault condition in each of those systems.
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Mine kept coming on while the pump ran for extended periods of time. Is yours equiped with air ride or has it been replaced? If it is still equiped I mirror dandd response or it could be the same issue as mine. Leak in system causing the pump to run and overheat. Also, it may be a sensor in one of the levelers. The diagnostics should spell out which.
would this make a sound like the front left tire is rubbing??
Only if the tire is rubbing the bag or strut guard. It sounds like a bad leveler valve not putting the right pressure in the left bag or you may simply have a bad strut or bag. A bad strut throws off the air ride and will make the light stay on because of excess pressure on the bag or "bounce" in the system. Best thing to do is have a Lincoln tech place it on the diagnostics machine.