Dodge Stratus Problem Report

Dodge Stratus Revised Windshield Washer Nozzles Available to Prevent Plugging

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One or both windshield washer nozzles may plug or clog. There are revised washer nozzles available which are more resistant to plugging.

Windshield washer will only dribble fluid. -
I have had a few dodge stratus' and all have had clogged windshield wiper fluid lines! I never fixed them because it wasn't worth the cost since I could just stop at a gas station and clean them myself but can be a hassle sometimes when taking trips... With collecting bugs on windows and having to pull over and clean them.... Dodge has had several repeating problems on these cars that should have recalls but don't! Transmission and head gaskets on base models, a/c and heater blower switch goes out every few mths, odometer shortage issues, brake problems, ect are common among all models! Buyer beware! I love these cars, but have to realize what is being purchased and do your research! These are great cars when you find one that is in great shape and make sure it's a v6! They r less prone to problems but still get them checked out thoroughly by a good mechanic before handing over your $$$!!! -
It's not fixed yet.First one side,then both sides.Replaced with auto parts store nozzles,which are not working again. Also tube was cracked on passenger side. -
Both wiper nozzles do not spray anything out,first one,and now both not working. -
both jets plug up and i have to clean them once per month or more -
It just stop working out of the blue. -
dose not spray -
Windshield sprayers are clogged, happened sometime after I waxed my car, but still haven't got it fixed :( -
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