Dodge Magnum Problem Report

Dodge Magnum Revised Rear Rotors For Brake Squeal in Cold Weather

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In cold weather, vehicles equipped with premium brakes may experience a rear brake squeal. Replacing the brake pads will not commonly fix the problem; instead, revised rear rotors are available.

Breaks squeal most the time, replaced the Break pads and new Rotor insalled on one side and other Rotor had it spun, same problem, maybe even slightly worse now, 2 Mechanics told me this is common with Dodge Magnums, and there is nothing I can do. -
Rear brake pads have been replaced three times, by two separate mechanics. And still, the noise persists. Rotors replaced twice , then sanded down the third time. Will call mechanic tomorrow. Not sure if I had "premium" brakes.. its a base model SE. Where do these revised rotors come from? -
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