Chrysler 300 Problem Report

Chrysler 300 Revised Rear Rotors For Brake Squeal in Cold Weather

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In cold weather, vehicles equipped with premium brakes may experience a rear brake squeal. Replacing the brake pads will not commonly fix the problem; instead, revised rear rotors are available.

replaced pads, no help -
I have replaced rotors struts and brakes 3 times in 13 months -
rear breaks squeak/car sluggish when accelerating and red traction warning flashing! -
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I originally took my car in about a month and a half ago because the passenger side rear brake was making a sqealing/sqeaking noise when i was 'coasting' with no braking, and braking. I took it in...
have new pads and rotors. get high pitched squeak at different times. sometimes without applying the brakes and other times when applying the brakes. we are all at a loss of what it is
Cost of $900 seems high and these don't include brake pads which are fine. Rotors are rusted an...
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