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1993 Toyota Pickup Reviews and Owner Comments

1993 Toyota Pickup (5 Reviews)
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I have a 93 4wd toyota pickup that I have had minor issues with. This truck has 160k on it and has had the clutch replaced just two years ago. I did have to replace the timing chain last year at 152k due to plastic guides broke. I had it sitting for nearly a year due to being relocated from family for that time while chain was broken and vehicle not running. But, after I got the chain on and vehicle back together, it fired right up and has been a champ ever since. I did recently have an issue with the steering gear leaking badly, I took it off, sent it out to be resealed and dry as a bone now. No drain plugs like someone was asking or other ways to fix it, just get it resealed and it should be fine. I work for a small auto repair shop so prices are at cost for product only and I do the work myself. I would like it to have a bit more power, but what do you expect out of a small 4 cyl? The lights are apparently a needed commodity cause mine were stolen(tail, head, and parking)and when I called around to find some I was told they are being stolen all over the place. Probably due to how expensive they are. I used tamper proof screws to install mine and have a special bit to screw in the screws.
I have a 93 toyota 4 wd truck that is drinking power steering fluid as fast as I can fill the resevoir,I have been told there is an air valve mounted to the bottom of the steering box that is connected to the intake does anybody out there know anything about this if so please drop me an email and let me know @ hrrysprc@verizon.net
have had my truck for 5yrs now, bought it with 120k on it and it has 345k on it now, replaced the timing and oil pump and water pump and head gasket,the runs strong burns no oil and get around 24 mpg, would love to have an other one, best truck and motor Toyota built...
I love this truck... It took 14 years with no service before my tranny failed... my own fault of course, but damn,(that is awesome) with help from my buddie.. took it out, had it rebuilt, saved $800.00, reinstalled it and paid $1450. for it.... Then drove it 1,200 miles with no oil in the transfer case... before I heard a whirring noise.. .added oil there... and still goin strong! It has its 3rd tranny now... cause Aamco screwed me over with an inferior tranny... and didnt tell me the drive shaft was bad, till I noticed it, and charged me and extra $360, on top of the $2,390.00 for the tranny rebuild. Love Leons Transmissions!
These trucks are known for legendary reliability and toughness, but that has not been my experience. While it certainly has an improvement over the Ford and Chrysler I owned before, much has gone wrong on this vehicle in the 5 years I have owned it that has caused me to doubt the truck’s mythical durability.

The 2.4 22RE is pretty solid and burns well. It produces a fair amount of torque for its class and makes acceptable MPG--though in the winter it is significantly lower. I have averaged about 22 with 18 being the floor and 30 being the ceiling. The biggest problem I had was the timing chain loosening inside the engine and making a definite rattling noise. I had this replaced at 85,000 miles costing $1,500. This is due to a flaw inherent in the design.

The breaks are durable, but rather soft. Stopping distance must be increased substantially in comparison to other cars.

I have had to replace the starter twice in a time period of less than two years. Make sure you buy an aftermarket brand and not anything from Toyota.

Be gentle with the hand cranks on your windows. The knobs easily break off.

The exhaust system rusts quickly and must be replaced every two years (note, I park outside in Minnesota).

The transmission is durable and the clutch is extremely forgiving. This is a very good vehicle to learn on.

Do not tow anything with the bumper as it probably will not live up to its 3500lb rating due to rust damage.

The best feature this truck has is the small turning circle. This is the best vehicle I have ever driven for making U-turns.

Keep in mind, mine is a Minnesota truck that has been parked outside its whole life. Durability will vary with shelter/climate situations greatly. Despite, these complaints I have liked this truck. It has been handy and good cross-country commuter for me in the years I’ve owned it. I would consider buying a Toyota again, though I would research much more thoroughly.