1998 Lexus GS400 Reviews and Owner Comments

1998 Lexus GS400 owners review and rate their 1998 Lexus GS400.

1998 Lexus GS400 (6 Reviews)
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240,000 still running strong. Replaced auto transmission due to bad input shaft seal leak, but wouldn't drive anything else! The luxuries of this car for a '98 are so amazing! Recommend this car to everyone!
My '99 GS400 is now 15 years old with 210,000 miles with nary a problem. Reliable, fast, and smooth. Other than normal maintenance it has never had an issue. A friend has an '01 LX470 (same motor) with 300,000 miles and I plan on getting at least that much out of mine. I have no plans on ever selling it. Fantastic car!
I am a sales associate at a pre-owned car dealership that sells all makes & models. I am extremely happy with my 1998 gs400, it has 150k mls. now & engine purrs like a kitten, or I can also make it sound like a tiger depending how I'm driving. Very good gas milage for a V8, I am convinced it's simply one of the very best cars ever made & it still looks better than most new sport sedans made today.
My GS400 now has 128K miles & it still looks fantastic & runs like a scared rabbit! Still getting 20-25MPG from 300HP motor is the best. I just upgraded the tail lights w LED lights & it looks like a 2012 model. I also upgraded to slotted rotors & now run ceramic brake pads & this car stops w the best.
Make sure you change the timing belt/water pump each 100K & the
GS 400 can easily go 300-400K miles without many repairs, so if you find one w 100+ K miles that was well maintained you can generally buy w confidence.
- Koby St Louis, MO
This is one of the nicest cars I have ever owned, however, the steering is so quick, the new tires "Mchelin's" makes it hard to stay in a straight line, this type of tire was not a good idea. I was told, after i bought them, that the side walls are too soft, which makes them wonder. "GO FUGURE"
I have 140,000 miles on my 1998 GS 400 and have experienced almost zero problems. The digital display on my radio has now disappeared and it seems to eat through Z rated tires fairly quickly. I keep wanting to look at a new car but this one has been great. Happy and scared that I may get 250,000 miles out of this one.