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2011 Ford Fiesta owners review and rate their 2011 Ford Fiesta.

2011 Ford Fiesta (1 Review)
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I have had an SES w/ manual transmission for 2 months and 2,800 miles. So far it's great. The back seat is really small but we just use it for our 80 lb. lab and he likes it. We have a sun roof and it is quiet enough to use at 70 (our Honda Pilot and previous Ford Focus were not). In fact the car is amazingly quiet overall (I suspect that the Sync system would not work if it wasn't.)

Ride is great on smooth roads and OK on small bumps. Larger potholes can be pretty severe. With the manual transmission the car is reasonably lively at takeoff. The shift from 2nd to 3rd is pretty wide and 3rd to 4th is pretty close. This causes pickup to drop off around 35mph but it's better above 50. IMO 3 should be closer to 2. 5th is fine at 55-60mph but by 70 you really wish it had a 6th gear (70 mph in 5th runs the engine up to about 3,000 rpm.)

Gas milage is running 34-36 mpg in suburban driving and 38-41 on highway with 60-65mph speed limit. Haven't taken it out on the 70-75 mph stuff yet.

Overall we are very satisfied