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1997 Ford Aerostar Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Ford Aerostar (3 Reviews)
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Hi im am a former owner of the 1993 i gave mine to a church @250,000 miles it ran hard with different people and now i got it back to be towed and its the trans gone bad ,my daughter bought a 1997 it had been abused i think and she had lots of trouble with hers but it is so nice and her husband was in a car accident and paralyzed and she and he have 4 children , they need one of these vans real bad i replaced the cooling system then te heads went very bad from the heat but it got her back and forth for a whole summer between tri citys and Seattle im hoping to see if somone has the parts i need heads for it , and pray there is some one who could help, i dont have any money left and they have none we just spent the last on head gaskets and things but water is mixing with oil bagelbaker7@hotmail.com
van runs ok has some front brake vibration
On the whole, this van has been doing pretty well. We did have to put in a radiator. My engine light has been on for almost a year or so but the mechanic I had said it was no problem. We are having some problems with the air conditioning but haven't had it checked out due to the high cost of repairing it. I had another van-a Dodge Caravan 1988 and it cost me $1200 to have it fixed which my previous church paid for. I have a side elevator lift for my electric wheelchair. The space between the seats is rather narrow and hard to get through when I transfer from the chair to the front seat. The right seat is tight due to the lift. I have had some problem with the right front tire wearing on the outside but Sears checked it out when I bought a tire from them and said it was O.K. It drives well on the highway. I also have a problem with the steering being a little too flexible and I definitely don't like the gas pedal Ford installed...it's too small and far away for someone as short as I am. The seat belt also is a problem and if I get into an accident I would probably lose my head. I have been warned to use it properly but it is too uncomfortable driving it the right way. I do like the automatic door locks as it makes me feel safer when I travel alone. The tilt steering wheel is also a great feature. The van is also good on gas. Have had some problems with using oil and transmission fluid. I have the oil checked every 3,000 miles at a local place on Park Blvd. It's hard to do all that I would like to do as far as maintenance due to my husband working only part-time and I only get Disability so we can't afford to do all we'd like to. I just thank God the van runs well and hasn't cost us too much to keep up.