1998 Buick LeSabre Reviews

1998 Buick LeSabre Reviews and Owner Comments

1998 Buick LeSabre (8 Reviews)
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First fuel pump went then camshaft went at 145,000 loved the car but it fell apart when it hit 145,000 was taken very well cared for but didn't last. Buying a japanese car now they last longer
Ive had my buick for2years and i love it the only thing went wrong with mine is my transmission bolts fell out and had to
fix air comming out of the egine BUT OTHER THAN THAT.1 HAD MY
BUICK AT 94000 MILES and now its at 137000 miles and runs like
a champ dontnoone got a better egine then 38 series buick i
think its the best egine in the world. i love my buick
1998 Buick Lesabre Custom - Piece of GARBAGE!!! Had to replace engine at 50,000 miles. Buick had to have their own Head Gasket!! Why? I have 1998 Chevy Lumina, 128,000 miles, starts right, up barely cranks over. The Buick, THEY HAD TO DESIGN THEIR OWN FUEL INJECTORS!! Couldn't use proven fuel injectors used in other 3.8L engines! Front sway bar snapped. Why? Both rocker panels are rusting out big time. Junk!!! Shocks failing miserably. Muffler too expensive to replace - welded system!! Not like muffler only!!
I bought a 1998 LeSabre 4 years ago with 60K miles on it. I now have 94K. The engine has been incredibly reliable. The only expense in 4 years was the serpentine belt at $125. However I have numerous problems. After running through a car wash I have a water leak but only on the driver side floor mat and only when it rains. Tried everything to locate problem to no avail. Horn relay stuck and now use a pushbutton wired to the horns. The AC/Heater control comes and goes. Never know when it will work. Seems to do better when car is parked in shade or when we have wet or damp weather conditions. Always starts with air blowing through instrument panel and then blows though windshield vents and stays there no matter what control I select. Thinking of replacing the control but will check with my mechanic first. The car drives great and have gotten 31MPG on the highway running 70s and with AC on. Can't afford another car and would like to get this one repaired.
Buick 1998 Lasabre 160k miles EMISSIONS AZ
Emissions +++ Emissions++++++++++
Arizona== Great used car but weird situation, it does not fail but it does not pass emissions. all lights on dash turn off after starting car so no problems according to car.
inspections says: catalyst, EGR and evap system NOT READY
and misfire, O2 sensor, ,heated O2, fuel system and component READY
dealer says Do a drive cycle which means drive it for 100 miles or more for computer to give new results but after 700 miles driven , still the same results.
if this happened to your car how did you fix the problem to make it pass emissions?
I have always thought Buicks and in general were a quality product. I am excited to have purchased a 98 Le Sabre today. It is a one owner and is immaculate. I cant believe my good fortune at finding it at a great price too. Only one hundred thousand miles and such classic details. Love the button push door handles. So I am over the moon and will be babying this gem for a bunch more years. Anne in Indianapolis
This car is 11 years old and everything is still working perfectly except for the left turn return. It is a very comfortable car - the only thing that I could wish for is better insulation - the road noise is more than it should be in a car of this quality. I get 28-29 mpg.