Reverse sometimes causes parking brake to engage on 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML320

My SUV has experienced problems with abrupt stopping when placed in reverse. From a response I received on this site it was suggested there may be a problem in the parking brake; although my mechanic thought it was the transmission. But, flushing of the transmission revealed no metal or other signs of damage and the problem persisted. He could not find a problem in the parking brake and was confused about this suggestion. However, when the problem happened again, I left it in reverse, set and released the parking brake, and voila - the vehicle backed up normally. My mechanic is now thoroughly checking the parking brake mechanism, but it would be helpful if anyone has experienced this problem can offer suggestions on exactly where he should look!!

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Have your tech check the parking brake shoes and hardware for damage.

He found there was separation and damage in the parking brake shoes and hardware and is repairing/replacing whatever needs to be done. He said that he has seen this on jeeps and volvos before but never heard of this causing the abrupt stopping when the vehicle is put into reverse. I hope this solves the problem.