2000 Toyota Camry Q&A

2000 Toyota Camry Question: Reverse Light on Dash

The reverse light on the dash comes on when I press the brake. Is this normal? -
Answer 1
no it has a bad tail light ground you need to add a ground wire from the tail light harness to the brace inside the trunk.alot of them do that -
Comment 1
it is the ground thing i said try it it is a common problem -
Answer 2
Is it a little yellow light that comes on, it may be a brake light bulb failure! -
Comment 1
Thanks everyone. The problem was actually the wires on the trunk hinge. Two of them were split in half and a few others had the insulaton pulled back with wire exposed. Spliced into the wires and the lights on the dash all went away, and all exterior lights work. -
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