Porsche Boxster Problem Report

Porsche Boxster Abnormal Noise When Shifting Manual Transmission

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Abnormal noise may be noted when shifting or reverse gear is selected in vehicles with a manual transmission. If this problem is encountered, proper operation of shift cables and clutch should be verified before any other repairs are attempted.

clunck sound when shifting between 1st & 2nd -
When shifting in reverse sometimes I hear a clunk. -
I find the quality of the interior below the quality of a 2005 987 I ownes, including the plastic look and feel of the steering wheel as well as the easily worn handle on the handbreak(present after less than 5000 miles) dealer refuses to accept this is not normal wear and tear, plastic cover material on door handle seems to peel rather easily. And of course the WORST stereo in a $60,000., no auxiliary, much less ipod connection and no aftermarket solution offered by dealer, (price in Puerto Rico of base model), in any car worthh more than $20,000. -
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