Retractable hardtop is stuck on 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL500

It got stuck half way and will not go up or down. I tried resetting with the roll bar as I had done before and nothing. Any ideas?

Look in your owners manual. There is usually a way to manually lower and raise your top with a little handle.

Good Luck and Happy 4th . By the way, there are some really great German independent shops in Marin. ( I live near SF ) You may find an Independent shop gives you better 1 on 1 attention to detail. Often times the Techs are even better. Dealerships are very political and many of the top techs leave for just as good a paycheck ( or better ) and fair treatment. ( Dealerships are owned by car salesman not technicians) Most of my friends have left SF Mercedes and they are really great.
Thanks. I got it back up and I think something in the lift is broken. Needs to go to the MBZ dealership I guess.