Responce to answer #1 on 1999 Volvo S80

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When the car does not start it will just crank like it's trying to start, but will not. I pull the Central Electronic Module (Fuse # 32) and then the car will start. When it does not start the speedometer and tachometer will not function, but are fine after I pull and replace the fuse. The fuse is never shorted out or broken.
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You may be experiencing a problem with the Immobilizer in your Volvo. You can try a different ignition key, if the immobilizer is bad, this may help.
The 1999 S80 was the first car on the road to have a fully networked computer system on board, and the Central Electrical Module (CEM) is at the heart of it. If I was diagnosing this I would erase all the diagnostic trouble codes in every computer, drive the car and try starting until the problem re-occurred and check the codes. The codes will help to point you in the right direction. I would also have all the software updated in the vehicle.
Please what does the code P0968 means. My volvo is an s80,2006 model and engine size 2.5. It fail to start.