reset my anti theft system in a 98' Lincoln Mark 8 on 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

The keypad on the door does not work either

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I've seen a number of the key pads fail. If there is something else wrong with the system its best diagnosed with a Ford IDS, or an NGS scan tool. Have someone pull codes and post them.
thanks I had some body work done on the drivers side quarter and when the car was return my alarm system wouldnt work. the key pad will lock the door when you push 6&7 but the code will not work or the remote to activate.
With the IDS a tech can monitor the system and see it report in the scan data each button as it is pushed. Most likely one of the other buttons has stopped working. The fact that it still locks with the pad means that the system isn't completely shut down. You might be just looking at a bad key pad.