2005 Hyundai XG350 Q&A

2005 Hyundai XG350 Question: Reset check engine light?

How do you reset the check engine light? -
Answer 1
it gets re set after a repair is performed. if you clear it now, yo will wipe out the freeze frame data that the tech needs to see when the failure occured. Roy -
Comment 1
Mine came on and the short answer was I had a habit of topping off my fuel. This causes the charcoal in the canister assy to raise up and clog the fuel while passing. It can also be caused from a worn out gas cap, which is supposed to be checked at 60xxx mi. I replaced my cap, put fuel additive into my tank and the light went off after 2 days. You can do this, after 2 days disconnect the battery cables for 5 minues, then reconnect them. if the light comes back on you should have it checked out. a canister was estimated to cost $350. -
Answer 2
Hello, Disconnect the battery cables completely for a few minutes. WARNING: you will loose all radio setting and seat settings as well as DELETE all engine codes. p.s. I am no expert but I did this and it worked and I lost engine codes. -
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