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2010 Honda Fit Question: Repost of 2010 Honda Fit Maintenance Schedule

***this is a repost of my question - someone anwsered it but when I try to access the answer I get an error message. Please answer again so I can see the answer*** Is there a mileage based maintenence schedule available anywhere? The manuals just say to rely on the codes from the onboard maintencae minder system. I would like to get an overview of when things are due for this vehicle -
Answer 1
If there's nothing in the owner's manual, I'd suggest checking with a Honda specialist for advice. If you want to see a specialist, here's a directory link for you: https://repairpal.com/directory?address=21085&car_brand_names=Honda -
Answer 2
Greg our shop has 2 computer programs which will tell us what maintenance is due. If you call with the mileage or e-mail me at melvinstire @verizon.net with the mileage I can tell you what is due. -