Reports of Daytime Running Light Problems on Toyota Corolla

There are occasional reports of daytime running light problems.

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Average mileage: 130,464 (22,000–213,000)
9 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
42 people reported this problem
34 people shared problem details
Recently my dashboard lights on my 2008 Corolla began flashing on and off. After a few days of this they finally went off. I have been told that when this happens it also is shutting down my tail lights (brake lights work). Now in the early AM as the sun is rising, I notice them trying to come on and then shutting down. This on off will continue for the entire drive to work. I am thinking it is a problem with the day time running lights sensor. When the lights flash there is a clicking sound coming from behind the glove box. Any ideas?
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2003 Toyota Corolla98,000
Lights turn themselves on when car is not running. Happened two nights in a row during extreme cold snap - single digit temperatures - leaving the battery dead. Got a new battery. Saw online somone said turning the highbeams on before turning the car off will prevent this from happening. Hoping for warmer temperatures as it definitely seems to be related to extremely cold temperatures.
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2001 Toyota Corolla194,000
Running lights will not turn off. Spent entire day at repair shop and still no repair. Mechanic thought it was a bad relay switch. Not! Another mechanic thought it may be a bad switch in steering wheel that needs to be replaced. Got to find a solution. Tired of opening hood to disconnect battery terminal.
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2001 Toyota Corolla110,000
Daytime running lights not working correctly. Tested all relays and fuses, Running Light Assy Relay behind glove box burnt. Installed a new one, it burnt as well. Haven't resolved underlying problem.
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My DRLs on my 2001 corolla won't turn off even with the key out of the ignition, and I have no idea how to fix this. Also, my headlight indicator won't stop flashing. I've also read elsewhere that checking the fuses, disconnecting the TAIL lights, changing shorted DRL modules and relays, changing fuses, switching the defroster with the DRL relay, taking apart the fuse box, checking for corroding wires, replacing corroded/perfectly fine wires, and praying does nothing. So far I've been disconnecting the battery every time I park, and reconnecting every time I need to drive. I really don't know what all this means. Please help (without any directions to take apart the glove compartment, because apparently that doesn't work either).
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my lights will turn on by themselves in the middle of the night, when its colder then -20, drains the battery every time, but also heard to leave the brights on, going to try it next time. also glad i'm not the only one this happens to. I live in ontario, canada it gets cold a lot here, have had a dead battery few times this year already.
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2005 Toyota Corolla143,000
Daylight running lights:tail lights not working, but brake lights work. When I turn lights on manually, all dash lights go out-- unable to read speedometer or any other dash indicators
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2001 Toyota Corolla165,000
day time lights
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2003 Toyota Corolla160,000
Daytime runners are turning on at night and in the morning I have a dead battery. Temperatures have been below 0.
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2003 Toyota Corolla100,000
My daytime running lamps have gone out twice. the first lamp that went out was the passenger side, and now it's the drivers side lamp.
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Car lights turning on by themselves
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2002 Toyota Corolla84,000
lights not shutting off when car is turned off
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I've experienced problems with the lights kicking on due to extreme drop in temp. Last winter I had to jump start my car regularly.
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Running lights stay on after the car is shutoff.the lights will shut off when running but then when the vehicle is shut off the running lights come back on. While this is happening the high beam light keeps flashing until high beams are clicked on.
2000 Toyota Corolla162,000
When i turn head lights on, then turn the switch off. Its stays on
2008 Toyota Corolla102,200
Light check engine is on in five days and off on 2days on again idont no what the problem
2008 Toyota Corolla190,564
my dash lights started flashing one night I hit top of dash, they came on an went on for couple days then just other day I have no lights an tail light I have brake lights,. I took dash apart to check for bad wires everything looks good checked every fuse none was bad, can anyone tell me what the problem be is it day/night sencor can I disconnect it will it fix problem
My daytime running lights have come on in the middle of the night several times recently. It's been very cold, below zero and below 20 with wind chills. I had a dead battery one time and the next time I caught it before it could go dead. I put on the high beams and the lights went off. Never had any issues like this until now. I also have a viper car starter. I took my car to dealer today and they said it could be the car starter. No way to tell unless I uninstall the starter or catch it on again. Does anyone else having the same problem have a car starter? my starter isn't new and I've never had an issue before with it.
2002 Toyota Corolla206,000
FIXED ! running light relay burning out. high beam indicator blinks faintly when car is started, daytime running lights inoperative, headlights work manually, but not automatically, parking lights remain on even when key is removed. checked for power and ground at the running light relay and found there was no ground at the specified pins at harness side (pin #1 and pin #12 -- both white with black stripe). The problem was traced to the harness-to-harness connector (IH1) under the fuse block left of the steering column, where the dash wire loom connects to the engine room loom. There at pin #2 (still white with black stripe) the pin connectors were making poor contact (not tight enough) and overheated/burnt. repaired this circuit to provide a good ground, replaced the burnt relay, and operations were restored to normal.
2002 Toyota Corolla206,000
tail lights will not go off even when key is removed. with car running and lights off, the high beam indicator in combo meter blinks faintly. found two components inside running light relay burnt (one transistor, and one zener dio de). will consult wiring diagram tomorrow to find underlying problem. until then, removing the 15 amp tail fuse from panel behind coin pocket left of steering wheel will remove power from the circuit (easier than disconnecting battery). just remember to put that fuse in before driving, otherwise you will not have tail lights. I suspect the problem lies in the high beam headlamp circuit, but until i trace it, that is only speculation.
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