replacing wtr pump,do u have 2 remove timing belt or just drive belt? on 1997 Toyota Corolla

im trying to replace my water pump for the first time on my own. kinda scared because i know u have to remove the drivebelt or timing belt in order to remove the water pump. scared cause i know if i have to remove the timing belt i have to put it back exactly the same way it came off or i could cause some serious damage to the engine, just wanted to know the simplest way to perform the task at hand. please help

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The accessory belt does drive the pump but part of it is behind the timing belt whitch will have to be removed to access the pump. More than meets the eye here. Look at the new one.
Replace the timing belt also since it will be off already! This is NOT an interference engine so no damage will occur if the timing is not right but it wont run then either!! I bet there is a video on youtube on how it's done, check to see. I have done a bunch of them and own one.
If you are unsure at all, have this done because it is a bunch of work wasted if it leaks! And that is very possible for it is hard for a diy'er to get it right, just saying.
i was searching all over utube for some kinda help. some videos are telling me to dismount motor mounts and all kinds of things i dont really see being related to my issue. asked some mechanics if what i saw was good and got laughed at. just wish i could find a step by step, preferably with pics, guide to this procedure to this exact vehicle make n model. any help would be greatly appreciated as i dont have the $500 i was quoted for this job.
You can get a repair manual from Advance Auto or for about the same price at good luck with this, I hope you can get it fixed ok!! Oh btw, 1993 through 1997 1.6L & 1.8L engines in Corolla's and Geo Prizim's "ARE" EXACTLY the same as yours!!!! Good time to replace all oil seals and the 3 drive belts too. It will be in the manual.
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It runs on the serpentine, or accessory belt. No Worries.
thanks alot...gave me a little more confidence. aloha
Just make sure you pay attention to what you're doing and clean sealing surfaces before re-sealing for no leaks. Good Day.