NEED INFO about replacing timing cover gasket/seal on 1995 Mazda Millenia

approx. how long does it take to replace this on a 95 mazda mellenia (same engine as ford probe). is it very hard to reach or get to? can i do it with out removing the engine itself? and also when putting the timing chain back in place how do i line it all up correctly?

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The timing cover is just a thin shield over the timing belt, I think there's a rubber dust seal but that's not what you're talking about, is it? It has a t-belt, not a chain. You don't remove the engine for a timing belt replacement. You probably will need camshaft seals and a crankshaft seal if it's time for a t-belt job. This is work for a competent mechanic, especially if you replace the seals. Timing the cams is very critical and there are typical timing marks on the pulleys. You need to get all the timing marks lined up before you take the belt off, if that's what you've planned. If you plan to get into this yourself you better get a book on the car, you can get one at the library or buy one cheap enough at the auto parts store. This is not a beginner job so use your head. If you take it to a shop, it's not gonna be cheap but this is a very sophisticated engine and needs care in working on it.