Replacing timing belt on 1994 Infiniti J30

How to change a timing belt? How many days does it take to change it and what tools are needed please. Everyone is giving me the run around and I need to know details on how to change this timing belt on my car to get it done right away

by in Copiague, NY on October 27, 2010
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ANSWER by on October 27, 2010
it pays aound 7 hours in a shop with the water pump, all pulleys and tensioners. if you have bever done this then we reccomend you have a shop do it as if you do not get the timing right, you can bend valves and complicate the situation. you need to remove everthing in the front of the motor to gain access to the covers. the crank pulley has to be removed and has a bolt that is torqued to about 180 lbs. it is hard to get loose without air power. once the cover is removed, the motor has to be put at the correct marks before you remove the belt as to not bend valves when assembling. i know it is expensive but so much can go very wrong and cost you tons more money than you would save. Roy
ANSWER by on October 27, 2010
Excellent advice from Roy. I'd tell you the same. Zee
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