Replacing the sun visor and wiring harness on the driver's side of a LXi model on 1999 Chrysler Cirrus

The bracket holding the driver's side sun visor broke. This caused the 2-wires that light up the mirror (vanity)to split apart. I no longer have the interior lights working. This has also killed the power to my radio. There are 2-wires just hanging there exposed. I would like to be able to connect them/kill them in order to get power back to the interior lighting and to my radio. I do not care for the light on the mirror or even care about the sun visor itself for that matter. I would simply like to see in the dark while I load and unload my son as well as enjoying some music while I make my long commute to work and back. Can anyone please help with this?

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Repairing the wires is easy for someone familiar with the process. Obviously if this is not you, I wouldn't attempt it. Nor would I attempt doing anything else with that wiring. I would definitely see a specialist who can help.

The radio and interior lighting has probably failed because a common fuse probably has blown due to the exposed wiring. You can find and replace that fuse to get the functions back. But when the wiring arcs again - it will fail again.