Replacing the Idle Air Control Valve on 2002 Toyota Avalon

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How do you get to the Idle Air Control Valve to replace it?
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Remove the air filter to throttle butterfly housing air duct. remove the electrical connector to the IAC valve, remove the two small diameter coolant hoses going to the valve and clamp off. there are two philip screws going straight up into the body of the IAC motor securing it to the lower side of the throttle butterfly housing. These two philips screws are always tight do not strip the screws in an attempt to remove the IAC valve. Clean the throttle butterfly housing with carb cleaner while you are in the area!
I removed the two screws that going straight up into the body of the IAC but could not remove the IAC. Are there any more screws that I need to remove?
You are exactly right. There are four philip screws holding the IAC valve to the throttle housing. Take all four of them out and you should be in business