2000 Saab u9-5 SportCombi Q&A

2000 Saab u9-5 SportCombi Question: Replacing the cabin air filter

How does one get to the cabin air filter to replace it? -
Answer 1
it is usually located behind the glove compartment. In my car you just open the glove compartment and unscrew a screw that is on the side closest to the door. Lift up the glove compartment and take it off. The filter is probably in a cover that you have to snap off. Most cars that is where it is located, but no promise that's where it's at on your car. Thought it might help you though. -
Answer 2
This site has instructions for many vehicles, however, not yours. Here are the instructions for the 9-3, perhaps they are the same. -
Answer 3
My labor guide shows it taking .5 hour to replace and is located at the center console area as accessed from the removable service cover below the left side of the glove box area of the car/lower console area. -