Replacing the brake light switch on 2002 Honda Civic

Please PLEASE, Someone help me, My husband has cancer(pancreatic) that has now spread to his lungs and cant replace the brake light switch because of the difficulty of the task, so ANYONE--- Where is the BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH in a 2002 Honda Civic??? Please respond with an explanation as to where the brake light switch is located under the dash, I cant figure it out??

Please Help!!!
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The brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor) is under the dash, very close to the brake pedal, in fact the brake pedal will physically contact it when you depress the pedal.
Good luck, with this and with your husband. My father is going through a situation with cancer and I know how tough it is.
Thank U Quattro Man for responding regarding the brake light switch. Its night now, but will check on this tomorrow, I have two more questions, Could the brake light switch just be stuck, and is their a fuse for the brake lights?

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Janice (Prayers for Your Father
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Are the brake lights stuck on? Or are they not working?
Some of these switches are adjustable so there could be an issue with the adjustment.
Thank U for all gave me suggestions and help. Brake lights are now working.

Janice Todd
Was it a bad brake light switch?