Replacing suspention (body) bushings on 1997 Dodge Intrepid

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We tried to remove the bolt from the bushing and the top of the shaft just spun. It is not a bolt as it is round. Does anybody have any ideas?
(3) Answers
you needed to jack up the subframe a little to take the weight off of those bolts.. jack up the subframe and try to grab those "round things" as u call them with vice grips... then remove the bolts... penetrating fluid and heat from a propane torch will help...
I am not sure from your description what bushings you are talking about. It sounds like the Sway Bar Link Rods. If this is the nut you are trying to remove, there is a TORX head socket that fits into the end of stud, then remove the nut with the appropriate wrench.Soak the threads with penetrating oil to make removal easier.
while driving i hit a piece of truck tire now the right front tire leans in at the top against the strut