Replacing snaped front end sway bar on 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

The front end sway bar has snapped at the link connection on the driver’s side. My question, is this a repair that I should try to do myself? I am mechanically inclined, have changed tie rod ends and done other major repairs on other vehicles.

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you will need the sway bar and both end links.
it is tight to remove but not a bad job. just be carefull of the steering rack and hoses.

Thanks. Looking up the part they sell a sway bar kit (includes a solid bar, links and bushings). I was going to order the kit. Another question, one instructional manual suggested removing the lower sub frame and disconnecting the steering shaft, do I really need to follow those instructions? Thanks again.
in some cases, i have lowered the rear sub frame but i never had to disconnect the steering shaft. once again, it is tight but take your time and be carefull.

Good luck