replacing rt side corner lamp on 2000 Toyota Tundra

Can't discover how to remove/replace front rt. corner lamp. Clear plastic cover was broken. Have a replacement from an '03 Tundra which will work, wont it?

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I figured it out but it was some work, toyota oould make it alot easier. The top screw which looks like an X is not a screw, just pry it up and it releases the top bracket. The challenge is the lower tab and getting that off. Since I was replacing the whole housing I cut away the lamp to see what was holding the tab. Be careful not to damage the headlight. Once I got it open it didnt appear anything was holdling it in, so I just pulled hard and it came out. Be carefull not to pull to hard and far and pull the wiring harness out. Once I figured it out, I had the new one in a couple minuutes.
Yeah theres only the top fake screw and then the inside tab holding it in. Tough to pull but try to make sure you pull the lamp straight out towards the front or you'll break the tab attached to your truck. That's what I did, no big deal, but just some advice.
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did you eveer figure it out . I cant