replacing Rear Brake Pads on 2006 Kia Sorento

I need to replace the brake pads on my 2006 kia sorento, I am worried about changing the rear brake pads due to the emergency brake. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

by in Syracuse, UT on March 11, 2010
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ANSWER by on March 11, 2010
I looked up the rear brake replacement cost and its very affordable and does not mention anything about the emergency brake. The emergency brake should have nothing to do with the rear brakes.
COMMENT by on August 27, 2010
I have replaced my brakes 2003 Kis Sorento but not the E-brake. I went to get a sticker and failed. How and what do I do to fix it. I adjusted all the way and that doesn't help. Do I need to remove the back brake shoes? Never did it before
ANSWER by on September 25, 2010
you need to back off the e-brake first then the rotor should come off you may need to whack it with a hammer to loosen the rust ridge.The adjuster hole is near the top part of the caliper bracket
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