Replacing lower control arm bushings and the lower ball joint bushing on 2000 Mercedes-Benz E430

My lower control arm bushings are cracked but the lower ball joint bushing shows little wear as well as the upper control arm bushings and upper ball joint. My 2000 E-430 has 117,000 miles and I've never replaced these items. How many hours should it take if I did it myself and are there any special tools I will have to have to compress the retainer springs? Also, how much should I be charged for replacing all 3 of the lower bushings on both sides?

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Bushings , Mecerdes Part # 2103300475 $89.00ea. You will need a Special tool , Bushing extractor and installer to properly replace the bushings. and a Ball Joint remover/Installer. Under shop conditions, it would take about 9 hours to replace all of the front upper and lower control arm bushings and Ball Joints.. Here is a link to our estimator guide for pricing in your area;