Replacing ignition coil on Toyota Corolla on 2009 Toyota Corolla

Code came up as P0353 - ignition coil fail on #1 cylinder. Car is 2009 corolla, 39,254 miles. For those that have had this issue and have needed you know if this is typically a covered item on extended warranty? If not, what is the going rate for parts/labor. Can OEM parts be used or must they be Toyota parts only? Toyota is telling me this doesn't fall under their platinum extra care warranty nor the 7yr/100,000 certified pre-owned, but a few private mechanics are telling me they cannot believe this is not covered under either of these two warranties. Any input/advice is much appreciated.

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Read your warranty! You paid for an extended warranty right? Bird dropping removal should be covered!
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its an electrical item and should not be under warranty. if coil is easy to get to try an aftermarket part and save a few bucks,if it hard to get to use orig factory part
READ the EMISSIONS warranty coverage.
Hello jacquel,
I am facing the exact issue as you posted. I am Wondering what did you find out after the appointment with Toyota. Is it covered? Do you had any loose gas cap to cause this? Please let me know.
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