2008 GMC Yukon Denali Q&A

2008 GMC Yukon Denali Question: Replacing Headlight Bulbs

Does anyone have instructions for replacing a headlight bulb in the 2008 GMC Denali? Have one out, bought the replacement bulb, but am somewhat baffled by what seems to be a fairly easy task. Thanks in advance. Jeff -
Answer 1
sign up for free on www.autozone.com and follow the directions on the repair guide for you truck, makes life a bit easier -
Answer 2
Open the hood, remove six bolts across the front of the radiator. Remove two screws and two plastic connectors to losen the inner fender covers. Reach up with a small socket to remove two 10 mm bolts holding the lower bumper to the front fender. The bumper will drop down to expose one 10mm bolt holding the lower headlight assembly. Only loosen that bolt.Remove the two other bolts holding the light assembly. Wiggle the headlight and slightly lower the front bumper to get the light loose. Good luck.. -
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