replacing fuel pump on 2001 Dodge Dakota

Is there access to the fuel pump thru the back seat of a 2001 dakota quad cab?

by in Upper Black Eddy, PA on July 27, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on August 24, 2010
No. The fuel pump is actually under the bed. I am just finishing up a fuel pump replacement. Haynes said pull the tank--piss on them! I did it that way and wish to God I had pulled the bed. There is a frame stiffener cross-wise and riveted to the frame rails. Haynes said drill the 3/8" rivets. Well, they are actually 13mm--more than a 1/2". Good luck finding appropriate 13 mm bolts. There were 4 rivets--I drilled and chiseled 3 and swung it out of the way. Good luck dropping the tank a few inches and disconnecting the fuel lines and electrical connector when you can't even see them. Believe me--PULL THE BED! It will also give you a great op to clean the frame, treat any rust, r&r the shocks, or as in my case replace the diff. pinion seal. Additionally, it doesn't matter what the fuel level is in the tank, unless you are going to clean the inside, which I did, but didn't find much of anything. Siphoning the gas thru the filler neck is impossible due to a anti-siphoning/rollover device in the tank. I got the best price on a new pump from Rock Auto--get the on-line coupon--under $170 delivered to the house)
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