replacing catalytic converter on 1994 Buick Regal

I have a 1994 Buick Olds Royale 88. I replaced the catalytic converter, now when I start the car it gets red hot. Did I replace it wrong? How would I install the catalytic converter?

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You're getting too much fuel. You need to check fuel trim immediately and stop driving the car until you fix it.
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catalytic damage may have been the result of the problem. I'm trying to resolve the same issue, three things are possible causes, timing (late igniting fuel air mixture shooting flames out on the exhaust stroke), too lean a mixture (to much oxygen verses fuel) or too rich (more fuel than oxygen in the mixture) ... I'm concentrating on the timing, presently I've taken waveforms (cam/crank signal) from a good engine for proper timing at idle and 2000 rpm (it only gets hot at high rpms) to compare to the problem engine. e-mail me at charliesauto@bellsouth .net .... April 25-2011 today and will tell u my results. I did replace the computer since it did not take over the timing advance after start up from the ignition module (it did not keep the 5 volts applied on the by pass switch in the module) .... I'm close ...
thanks for the help! I have yet to fix it, I kind of put it aside til just a couple days ago. I hope you figured it out.