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2007 Ford Freestyle Question: Replacing AC compressor

I got an electronic analysis from the Ford dealer where I purchesed car. I have 46,000 miles on it, original. The estimate from dealer was $1400 - $1500! Stout I think! And only like a year warranty. HELP me find another reliable service center! Any reccomendations? -
Answer 1
you must flush complete system and repl the entire system or you will have other issues most likely due to debri in system -
Comment 1
IF I chose the dealership to do this work, wouldnt they flush the system before they just break it down and start replacing the compressor? OR....do I just bend over and take it at that point? I feel like this is a great deal of money for this replacement. I was told during the analysis that this particular compressor cost more than those on the Lincoln models comparible!?!? -
Comment 2
after flushing with sys apart the evap,liq line and compressor all need to be repl and the est should incl all of this and recharge -
Comment 3
ok, cool thank you! Do you have an extimate as to cost? just estimate....... -
Comment 4
1200.00 to 1300.00 depending on parts prices they vary alot with each brand -
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