Replacement thermostat problem. HELP!!!! on 1996 Ford Taurus

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I have replaced my thermostat in my 1996 ford taurus wagon, 3.0L v6. As i started the car it began to spray radiator fluid from the hose connected to the intake manifold. I did everything it said to do on the autozone website(diy). I am in desperite need to get this problem resolved, with very limited knowledge of cars.
(1) Answer
The hose's on any cooling system has to be tightened extremely tight because as the engine heats up pressure builds up, Coolant and water has to be under pressure to keep from overheating, Thats why your radiator cap has a pound rating ( 12 to 14lbs ) Be careful when working on a hot cooling system, Removing a radiator cap when the engine is hot is dangerous you could get burned so tighten those hose when its cool.