replacement of voltage reg. on the cluster work and cost on 1991 Nissan Pathfinder

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Hi, I have a problem with the gas gauge and heat gauge on my PF that isn't working ..My mechanic says that the electrican has to look at it?? Do they take the whole front of the dash off to do that??? Also there maybe mice that have eatten the wires??? The cruse control and air conditioner aren't working now either??? Am I looking a piles of money going out???
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Check your fuses first. The voltage regulator is on the top back corner of the instrument cluster. It reduces 12 V to 8 V which run the fuel and temp gauge. The one on my PF burned out also. 4 screws hold the inst. cluster bezel on. Remove bezel and the electrical plug ins. 4 screws hold the inst. cluster in. Remove the inst. cluster and plug ins. 4 screws hold the Reg. Unscrew and replace. Wrecking yard or dealership for part.

The top right fuse (meter) !